Ane Alberdi Aramendi
Lecturer/Researcher at Mondragon University

Lecturer and researcher at the Biomedical Department in MGEP since 2017. Double graduate in Electronics Engineering from INP-ENSEEIHT and MGEP, she also holds a master’s degree in Embedded Systems. She received her Ph.D. in 2017, where she worked on the early detection of diseases using smart environments (SE) and AI techniques. As a visiting researcher in Washington State University (WA, USA) during her Ph.D., she studied the use of SE to support the independent living of the cognitively impaired elderly. Ane has published articles in several scientific journals of impact. Currently, her research is focused on health-related applications of AI.



Federated learning and explainable AI: enhancing trust in clinical practice
Monday Nov 21, 2022  14:00-15:30
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