Andrew Collinge
Advisor at Smart Dubai

For the past decade, Andrew has worked in data and technology leadership positions in two world cities. His goals and interests are simple – to achieve impact with technologies, and to do so in a responsible way. In Dubai government’s digital technology and data innovation agency – Smart Dubai – he has worked across a range of topics from ethical AI and the creation of a self-assessment toolkit, use cases which advance the use of AI and data science in community services and policy making, and goverance frameworks to boost the exchange of data. In London, Andrew led a range of initiatives, including the creation of a smart city team around a range of projects, including the 25m euro Sharing Cities programme which established a technology testbed in the RB Greenwich. Around the London Datastore, he advanced the city data agenda for the current and previous Mayor, establishing impact partnerships with the likes of Nesta and the Alan Turing Institute. Before leaving London, Andrew played a leading role in launching the London Office of Technology and Innovation.

Andrew is taskforce lead for the G20 Smart Cities Alliance for Responsible Urban Technology’s Open Data Policy. He is also a member of the UAE-UK Business Council’s ‘Innovation, Future Technologies, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ working group.



Parallel session on The good, the bad and the ugly: the reality of shaping data sharing policies and strategies
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  10:00-11:30
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