Andrea Cruciani
CEO at Teamdev

Agricolus co-founder and CEO, member of FIWARE Foundation BoD. I run the international business area and the financial aspects of the company. I’ve a technical background and experience in multidevice applications Development, Enterprise Architectures, Cloud Computing and GIS. I’m involved in Innovative Startup Evolution and scaleup, during the years I worked with Public Administration, multinational companies, NGOs and SMEs .I’m speaker for several universities and public events where I’m invited to discuss about entrepreneurship and digital transformation, and I’m contributor in several technical articles and publications about agritech.



Parallel session on Adoption challenges toward a European Cloud Federation enabling European Data Spaces (H-Cloud sponsored session)
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  12:00-13:00
Data-Driven Business Model Innovation in Smart Industries (Parallel Session 5.1)
Tuesday Nov 13, 2018  14:15-15:45
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