Alessandro Donati
Artificial Intelligence & Operations Innovation Manager at ESA

Alessandro Donati has 30 years of experience in satellite operations at the European Space Operations Centre of ESA in Darmstadt, Germany. He was involved with the ESA Manned Space Program as Ground Segment manager for the phase A and B of the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV). He joined the Cluster 2 mission flight control team and contributed to the Cluster 2 LEOP and Commissioning phase.

In 2001 Alessandro founded and since then is leading a skunk-work style managed team of AI experts devoted to introducing and exploiting Artificial Intelligence technology in support of innovative space mission operations concepts. The operational tasks covered include planning, scheduling, diagnostic, resources management, behaviour modelling and forecasting.
He co-hold two ESA patents related to AI applications for space. As of 2019 Alessandro is Head of ESA’s Digital Technologies community, which includes Artificial Intelligence and member of the ESA/CLAIRE AI Special Interest Group on Space.

Alessandro holds a Master of Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome La Sapienza.



Parallel Session on The case for Europe’s leadership in AI for Earth Observation
Wednesday Nov 4, 2020  16:00-17:30
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