Alberto Palomo
Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Government of Spain

Alberto obtained his PhD in Mathematical Physics prior to working at Huawei’s R+D lab in Toronto, where he developed numerical simulations for neural networks. He then spent the following 5 years leading the technical development of Data Science applications for a large US electric utility company. Two years ago, he was appointed Chief Data Officer for the Government of Spain. The Spanish National Data Office has prescribed an architectural and governance model for the deployment of a country-level horizontal data infrastructure. He is also currently the chair of the Governmental Advisory Board to Gaia-X, which serves to aligns the European public data policy agendas with the Union’s industrial activities.



Plenary and keynotes
Wednesday Oct 25, 2023  11:30-13:30
Accelerating adoption of Data Spaces: From theory to practice
Wednesday Oct 25, 2023  14:30-16:00
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