Value Creation in Data Spaces

October 3, 2024 - 14:00 - 15:30
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Value creation in data spaces
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Value creation in data spaces 

The ultimate objective of data spaces is to generate value (in its different forms) out of data sharing between participants. The purpose of this session is to address value creation in data spaces from a holistic perspective, proposing a “value-by-design” paradigm that considers these three angles: 

  • All building blocks and components of the data space, as well as the way they interrelate with each other, ultimately have an impact on the success to achieve this goal, hence the design of the data space should obey some principles specially conceived to generate value, and that should be followed during the design and implementation. 
  • How value is generated and distributed among the different participants conditions the design and implementation of specific components: business model definition, use cases development, data product elements, and set of value creation services available.  
  • The full data value is unlocked when data spaces connect with each other, and also with digital ecosystems that can benefit from, or contribute to, data spaces 


Based on the above, the session will pivot around the following main points, aligned with DSSC blueprint and BDVA value creation framework: 


  • Standards and regulations 
  • Data spaces blueprint 
  • Design principles for value creation 
  • Business models  
  • Use cases 
  • Data product 
  • Value creation services 
  • Federation of data spaces


And bringing the view from different actors: 


  • View from policy makers: regulations, standards and strategies 
  • View from DSSC project: design principles, blueprint, building blocks, components of a data space 
  • View from data spaces: how are they addressing value creation (according to the previous discussion points) and use cases  
  • View from other ecosystems (value for / from data spaces) 
  • View from data space participants or users -> customer journey and value 


The output of the sessions will be a set of conclusions to:  


  • Drive the design and implementation of data spaces towards real value creation for stakeholders 
  • Involve other key actors in the process 
  • Foster the participation of industry, SMEs, research because they will really perceive incentives and benefits to onboard and share data through data spaces 
Daniel Alonso Román
Senior Technical Lead Big Data and AI ecosystems at BDVA
Edward Curry
Professor at Insight Centre
Tuomo Tuikka
Lead, Data Space solutions at VTT
Gábor Érdi-Krausz
Project Coordinator at SZTAKI (Institute for Computer Science and Control)
Adam Tarcsi
Associate Professor at Eötvös Loránd University
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