Unlocking Tourism’s Potential with Data Spaces: challenges, DSFT project and the path ahead

October 26, 2023 - 12:15 - 12:45
Room 4D
Data Spaces
In person
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The DSFT (Data Spaces for Tourism) project’s primary goal is to provide crucial support to the European Commission in the design options and technical implementation features for the future Data Space for Tourism. Currently, there are pressing challenges in data sharing and service provision, including complex contracts, dataset interoperability issues, infrastructure readiness barriers, trust deficits, and data standardization gaps. The project will deliver comprehensive guidelines and a blueprint for the implementation of the Data Space for Tourism, to address current challenges to significantly unlock the potential of the data economy in the tourism sector, increasing efficiency in the data sharing transactions and data sharing willingness, while ensuring GDPR compliance and provide high levels of trust for the stakeholders, with the final aim to boost the digitalisation of the sector and offer greater value to tourism sector as a whole. The session also highlights the extensive collaboration and expertise of ForwardKeys and Taidy in this field, its contribution to the DSFT project and its interest to continue contributing in the future steps of the Data Space for Tourism implementation.

Session’s presentation here

Maria Tomas
R&I Project Manager at Forward Keys
Jacinto Arais
CEO at Taidy Cloud
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