Unlocking Interoperability: The Dataspace Protocol in Research Projects and Sustainability via Open-Source Ecosystems

October 27, 2023 - 10:00 - 11:15
Room 4C
Data Spaces
In person
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In this session, we will be focusing on the various challenges that have been identified across numerous EU projects, such as FlexiGrobots. As we navigate these complexities, our spotlight will be on the innovative “Dataspace Protocol” developed by the International Data Spaces Association. The Dataspace Protocol emerges as a robust standard, specifically tailored to tackle the technical interoperability challenges of data spaces – ensuring interoperability both within and between data spaces. Discover how innovative projects, including FlexiGrobots, have tackled the interoperability challenge. Engage with us in a discussion that goes beyond the challenges, delving into the transformative potential of the Dataspace Protocol and open source ecosystems in fostering a future of seamless data sharing. FlexiGrobots receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017111.


Welcome and introduction to Dataspace Protocol
Get a solid understanding of the protocol’s foundations and its broader implications.

  • Explore the Dataspace Protocol specification – Anil Turkmayali, IDSA

Opensource implementations
Learn about some open-source implementations of the Dataspace Protocol.

  • Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC) & Dataspace Protocol implementation – Markus Spiekermann, Fraunhofer ISST
  • FIWARE & Dataspace Protocol implementation – Jesus Ruiz, FIWARE

Research projects tackling interoperability with the Dataspace Protocol
Join the research projects that started looking at the Dataspace Protocol and get insights on how they plan to implement it.

  • Interoperability challenges & Dataspace Protocol as a solution in FlexiGrobots – Anil Turkmayali, IDSA, on behalf of FlexiGrobots
  • How to implement GAIA-X, the IDS Reference Architecture and the Dataspace Protocol together with the EDC in DIGICHECKS – Gonzalo Gil, Tekniker
  • Dataspace Protocol & EDC implementation plans in DATAMITE – Jordi Arjona Aroca, ITI

Way forward – How Research projects and open-source ecosystems can collaborate for sustainable outcomes
You are not alone implementing the Dataspace Protocol, we can all join forces to create something bigger and more sustainable!

  • Introduction to the Eclipse Dataspace Working Group  (EDWG) – Ilknur Chulani, IDSA and Michael Plagge, Eclipse Foundation
  • How to participate in and contribute to the EDC project and other open-source projects related to data spaces so that research outcomes last – Michael Plagge, Eclipse Foundation


Wrap up & next steps

Main session’s presentation here

Michael Plagge’s presentation here

Markus Spiekerman presentation here

Gonzalo Gil’s presentation here


Anil Turkmayali
Senior Project Manager at IDSA Association
Jordi Arjona
Coordinator of the Distributed Systems group at ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
Markus Spiekermann
Head of Department Data Business at Fraunhofer ISST
Gonzalo Gil
Researcher at Tekniker, Intelligent Information Systems Unit
Michael Plagge
VP Ecosystem Development at Eclipse Foundation
Ilknur Chulani
Senior Program Manager at IDSA Association
Jesus Ruiz
CTO at FIWARE Foundation
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