Unlocking a data-driven mobility in Europe

October 26, 2023 - 10:15 - 11:45
In person
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Data is key to unlocking the goals of Europe’s sustainable and smart mobility strategy, such as automated mobility deployed at scale, road safety, integrated electronic ticketing, new MaaS and shared mobility models, and multimodal transport for people and logistics. The availability, quality and exchange of data between the public and private sector actors in mobility value chains are needed to unlock these priorities, also fueling the complementary technology that will advance future mobility, such as AI, IoT and V2X communication. Evolving regulation is also shaping the needs and implementation of data tech, ranging from the more fundamental pillars of the European Data Strategy such as the Data Governance Act and Data Act, to the mobility-focused legislation such as the updates to the ITS Directive.

The session will focus on cross-learning between the diverse value chains of mobility on common challenges and comparable approaches taken.

Mobility domains covered:

  • Urban mobility: public transport, MaaS, Shared Mobility, etc.
  • CCAM: road infrastructure, vehicle perspective, testing, etc.
  • Airport operations

 Cross-domain topics covered:

  • Business, legal and ecosystem:
    • New business models, incentives, etc. to foster data sharing ecosystems and drive further availability and quality of shared data and fuel AI services.
    • Conforming to new regulation for mobility data and its governance: adapting mobility services challenges/opportunities (e.g. ITS Directive MMTIS and RTTI,, NAPs, Data Act, etc.)
    • Roles of public and private sector in mobility’s value chains in terms of providing/consuming data and governance schemes.
  • Technology:
    • New applications and approaches to AI across decentralised scenarios
    • State of play in data standards and interoperability between platforms
    • Role of synthetic data in mobility use cases
    • Tackling challenges in quality, veracity, velocity and other data characterization aspects
    • State of technology and approaches for data sharing (e.g. data space architectures) and common/unique factors amongst mobility sectors
Bernhard Peischl
Innovation manager at AVL List GmbH
Paul Theyskens
Technology & Standards WG Leader at MaaS Alliance
Juan Francisco García Lopez
Strategy and Innovation Manager at INDRA
Daniel Serra
Director Ecosystem & Stakeholders at EIT Urban Mobility
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