Towards Data Spaces Interoperability Workshop on standardization co-organized by BD4NRG, TRUSTS and IDSA

November 23, 2022 - 9:00 - 10:00
Aplaus room
Data Spaces
In person
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One of the biggest challenges of data spaces is interoperability. As closed data ecosystems evolve into open and federated data ecosystems – better said: data spaces – one thing is especially important: interoperability. Data spaces require data interoperability as well as metadata for data exchange and sharing. Thus, a harmonized vocabulary is needed. This enables a common

understanding about the data and its meaning. And for participants in one data space to operate in other data spaces, unique digital identities are required. They ensure that participants can be identified and authenticated. Several initiatives and projects are working to address these challenges, helping to standardize data spaces and make them interoperable. We present them in four presentations.

Presentations of the session:

Antonio Kung presentation

Matthijs Punter presentation

Sebastian Steinbuss presentation

Robert David and Victor Mireles presentation

DSBA Tech Convergence presentation

Achille Zappa presentation

Achille Zappa
Project Manager i3-Market Project at Insight Centre – University of Galway – DSI
Juanjo Hierro
at FIWARE Foundation
Sebastian Steinbuß
Silvia Castellvi
Director Research & Standardization at IDSA
Victor Mireles-Chavez
Technology Researcher at Semantic Web Company
Matthijs Punter
Researcher & Consultant at TNO
Robert David
Chief Innovation Officer at Semantic Web Company
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