Sponsor Talk i3-MARKET project – Deployment of Secure and Trusted Data Marketplace Platforms in Europe, identifying the opportunities that AI and Big-Data offer to Innovate the Single Digital Market Strategy

November 4, 2020 - 13:30 - 14:00
Sponsored talk
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Digital Single Market is a central part of the European Commission strategy, which aims to make the EU’s markets diversity converge into a single market fit for the digital age – Digital Single Market has the challenge of tearing down regulatory walls and moving from 28 national markets to a single one. According to the European strategy it is estimated that establishing a Digital Single Market in Europe could contribute €415 billion per year to our economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Tools and technologies for the Big Data market yet need to be created and deployed following this single market strategy. The H2020 i3-MARKET project objective is to develop software tools in the form of a support framework that provides the lacking technologies for trusted, interoperable and decentralised marketplaces for industrial and personal data.

In this talk we will review the requirements that will facilitate the leverage of the European Data Market economy by at the same time propose innovative solutions. We will include the use of blockchain-related technology, the semi-autonomous smart contract generation for managing data operations and transactions and will emphasize the use of encrypted-based technologies for data protection. We will address how these technologies and approaches could be used for enabling the diversity of data markets integration and at the same time how the combination of them can be considered a systematic approach for developing a set of technologies for trusted, decentralised support towards contributing in the implementation of the single digital market strategy.

It is well known that despite various research and innovation attempts working on Big Data Management, of Personal and or Industrial Data Integration and Security, there is no broadly accepted trusted and secure data marketplace. This talk is hold in the context of the work being carried within the H2020 i3-MARKET project. i3-MARKET is addressing one of the main needs in the data marketplaces space which is the development of lacking technologies and solutions for a trusted (secure, self-governing, consensus-based and auditable), interoperable (semantic-driven) and decentralised (scalability) infrastructure. i3-MARKET is defining a support framework named i3-MARKET Backplane, that will enables federation via interoperability of the existing and future emerging data spaces and marketplaces.

The i3-MARKET backplane introduces data monetization in the form of Intelligent Data Economy services to formerly closed systems to offer and share data and lowering the market entry barriers for stakeholders to trade their data assets with the aim to ignite a flourishing data economy that fosters innovation and business in Europe.

For more information on the i3-MARKET project visit: https://www.i3-market.eu/

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