Startups and entrepreneurs boosting big data corporate-innovation through DIHs and Data Innovation Spaces

December 3, 2021 - 12:30 - 14:00
Deployment and Market Uptake
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A representative of EUHubs4Data will moderate the session where the different approaches represented by DIHs and incubators to boost Big Data Innovation, connecting Big Data providers with Data-driven Innovators will be presented. EUHub4Data aims to create a federation of Hubs in Europe and, hence, is interested on exploring the role played by DIH in the incubators to foster Data Economy. Big Data incubators want to use DIH and Data Innovation Spaces as levers of cross-sector multi-stakeholder sustainable data value chain solutions.

The session will explore each initiative concept & methodology, as well as their ongoing outcomes, lessons learnt and identified barriers. Additionally, an invited DIH or company from each incubator will be speaking to illustrate the work carried out in each incubator. The final aim is to share lessons and best practices, and to showcase how SMEs in Europe are able to get onboard the Data Economy wagon with the support of Big Data incubators and DIH networks. The session will showcase how incubators can leverage from DIH and vice versa to improve the innovation potential of startups and SMEs in the areas of AI and Big Data.

Alexandra Garatzogianni
Head of Knowledge &Technology Transfer, Coordinator of H2020 MediaFutures & TRUSTS at Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology (TIB), Leibniz University Hannover (LUH)
Daniel Sáez Domingo
Strategic Intelligence & Technology Transfer Director at ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
Diego López de Ipiña
Associate Professor at European Data Incubator
Juanjo Hierro
at FIWARE Foundation
Réda Nouacer
Research Programs Officer at REACH
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