Startups and Entrepreneurs Boosting Big Data Corporate Innovation (Parallel Session 2.1)

November 12, 2018 - 15:00 - 16:30
Room B1
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  • Roundtable – How to connect Data providers with innovators?
    • Moderator: Nuno Varandas (F6S)
      • Diego López-de-Ipiña (DeustoTech)
      • Ryan Goodman (ODI)
  • Innovators solutions – Startups providing solutions to Big Data providers challenges


The concept is to demonstrate 3 ongoing initiatives to connect startups/ entrepreneurs with Big Data corporates/providers, boosting innovation, solving particular challenges and developing new products/ services.

Diego López de Ipiña
Associate Professor at European Data Incubator
Ryan Goodman
Startup Programme ManagerOpen Data Institute
Nuno Varandas
Head at F6S Innovation Team
Julia Palma
Programmes Manager of the Innovation Development Group at CeADAR
Roemer Claasen
CEO at Frosha
Daniel Vila Suero
Director at Recogna
Marta González
Data Scientist at Inova Labs
Stelios Krinidis
at Pragma.IoT
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