Sponsor Talk TNO – Responsible AI in practice

November 4, 2020 - 15:30 - 16:00
Sponsored talk
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Lots of specific approaches exist to design and implement responsible AI systems. Integration is a challenge. The session aims to give a taste of how the different concepts could be put together.

The objective is to stimulate the debate on how ‘responsible AI’ should be put in practice. What does it mean and which topics need to be taken into account? What is the outlook?

In the session, TNO presents how their ‘integration flagship’ projects are approached from the perspective of multidisciplinary applied research. We try to bring together state of the art insights for trustworthiness and responsibility and have taken our first steps in the roadmap towards optimal human machine collaboration. We present a maturity roadmap and want to discuss how we think how co-learning (human and machine) could be shaped.

Freek Bomhof
Senior Consultant at TNO
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