Smart Manufacturing Data Ecosystems and their Socio-Economic Impact

October 26, 2023 - 10:15 - 11:45
Room 3G
In person
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Smart manufacturing data ecosystems bring together networks of data producers, consumers, intermediaries, digital platforms and infrastructure providers as well as advanced manufacturing asset manufacturers, factory owners and service providers. Smart manufacturing data ecosystems are instrumental to unlock the value and advanced use of emerging technologies in manufacturing such as Generative and swarm IA, machine learning or digital twin fabrics. Such smart data ecosystems supported by sectorial manufacturing data spaces should facilitate the development and effective operation of innovative industrial value networks.

Smart data ecosystems powered by data spaces and data networks enable the improvement of efficiency, resiliency, quality, and sustainability of industrial production by means of trusted and sovereign exchange, intelligent processing and augmented analysis of multi-stakeholder data. They have the potential to create significant value for the manufacturing sector and the wider economy by enabling new business models, products, services, and innovations. However, they also face several legal, operational, economic, and technical challenges that need to be addressed.

To overcome these challenges, smart manufacturing data ecosystems need to adopt “by design” a global, cross-sectorial, holistic and collaborative approach that involves multiple stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and civil society. They also need to leverage technical enablers such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and edge computing to facilitate secure 360-degree data integration. By doing so, smart manufacturing data ecosystems can unlock new opportunities for value creation and competitive advantages in the digital age associated to a more seamless and natural end-to-end horizontal and vertical cross-sectorial ecosystem integration across supply chains and along product and manufacturing process lifecycle.

This session will present and discuss:

  • how European manufacturing industry has identified specific areas of business opportunities in the machine tool sector;
  • how European digital and manufacturing industry are approaching the challenge of realising and allowing a cost-effective operation of such global manufacturing ecosystems and data spaces, driving at international scale pan-European data space deployment initiatives such as Manufacturing-X or Digital Europe SM4RTENANCE;
  • how European industry is facilitating the access to a harmonised technology frameworks to realise a digital and data space 4.0 continuum that will allow trusted and responsible industrial IA to be developed at the necessary pace to empower manufacturing industry to capture such business value.

The session takes into account, among others, the latest developments of flagship initiatives such as Data Space 4.0 reference models & blueprints, European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Digital Transformation Acceleration (DTA), AI MATTERS TEFs and RE4DY Manufacturing Data Network Toolkit.

Duration: 90 minutes

Session’s main presentation here

SM4RTENANCE presentation here

FIDIA presentation here

​Ignacio Montero Castro presentation here

Manufacturing-X presentation here


Davide Dalle Carbonare
R&D Business Developer at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA
Óscar Lázaro
Managing Director at Innovalia
Sergio Gusmeroli
Research Coordinator at Politecnico di Milano
Thomas Hahn
Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG
Ignacio Montero Castro
R&D Strategy Leader at AIMEN Centro Tecnológico
Alessia Focareta
Head of R&I at FIDIA S.P.A.
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