Parallel Session Towards an European AI skills ecosystem: Building the next generation of innovative, open and interoperable AI learning opportunities

November 4, 2020 - 16:30 - 17:30
Focus Track 4 - New challenges ahead: Data, AI and the new Society
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In order to realize the tremendous potentials that Artificial Intelligence and BIG DATA technologies are expected to have as a main driver for economical, technological and societal innovation, joint efforts are needed across Europe to improve AI skill across all fields of education and to make the best educational resources accessible for a broad community of learners.

In this session we ask for appropriate approaches to implement innovative, state-of-the-art learning opportunities and platforms. We focus on the topic of AI skills and open educational approaches (OER). We reflect such approaches from the perspective of higher education, research, non-formal education as well as further education and lifelong learning.

We also address the question, how national initiatives to facilitate online learning in the field of AI and Data Literacy can become better coordinated on a European level. The session wants to encourage joining forces to make high quality educational resources openly and widely accessible to students and lifelong learners across all member states.

Questions that are related to this challenge include:


  • Which learning opportunities and platforms, I. e. examples of good practice, do currently exist across Europe?
  • Which approaches have proved especially successful?
  • Which skills and competences should especially be focused on? Which professional fields could be a priority on European level
  • Which standards and guidelines for a European AI skills ecosystem could be developed?
  • Which approaches could ensure joint open standards and interoperability of platforms from different EU member states?

We bring together in this session practitioners on online learning, teaching experts, as well as political strategists that all have a profund interest in a conclusive implementation of a future oriented AI educational strategy.

Amy Loutfi
Professor, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Artificial Intelligence at Department of Science and Technology, Örebro University
Florian Rampelt
Managing Director at AI Campus / KI-Campus
Jan Smith
Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg Sweden
Natalie Cernecka
Head of Business Development at TeraLab
Stefan Göllner
Innovation manager at Stifterverband / AI Campus
Ville Valtonen
at Reaktor Education
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