Scaling Horizontal Partnerships for AI

October 16, 2019 - 11:00 - 12:30
Fennia II Room
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Delivering AI-driven industrial applications requires an integrated view across a wide range of horizontal technologies, ranging from IoT to High-Performance Computing (HPC), AI, Data and Robotics, Cybersecurity, Smart networks and Electronic components and systems.

This session will explore the major issues of commonalities and the potential for technological advancement. The discussion will illuminate research priorities to amplify synergies across the areas of Data, Robotics and AI, IoT and HPC, Cyber Security, Smart networks and Electronic components and systems.

Several Speaker representing related associations, such as ETP4HPC, AIOTI, Big Data Value, euRobotics, ECSO, 5G and ECSEL or euRobotics, as well as industry and research institutes/academia will share technical visions, thought-provoking thoughts and insights on emerging trends.
The session is expected to be highly interactive with short presentations to set the scene at the beginning and be complemented with a panel discussion and moderated Q&A dialogue.

The session will be organized by BDVA, EuRobotics and AI4EU.



  • Sonja Zillner (Siemens, SRIA-Lead BDVA, AI4EU)
  • David Bisset David (iTechnic, Executive Director euRobotics)
  • Michela Milano (University of Bologna, SRIA-Lead AI4EU, Vice-President of EurAI, AI4EU)



  • Sonja Zillner (Siemens, Lead SRIA-Lead BDVA, AI4EU)



Perspective from European Commission

  • Kimmo Rossi (Head of Sector, Data Policy and Innovation Unit, DG CNECT, European Commission)


Vision of AI4EU Project

  • Michela Milano (SRIA-Lead AI4EU)


The way towards an AI PPP and its horizontal partnerships

  • David Bisset / Sonja Zillner



  • EuroHPC
    Michael Malms (Editor in Chief of SRA ETP4HPC)
    Natalie Samovich (Chair of the Steering Board)
  • EU Robotics
    Reinhard Lafrenz (SG G euRobotics AISBL)
  • BDVA
    Thomas Hahn (President of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA)/Siemens AG)
  • ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation)
    Alexey Kirichenko (Co-chair of the ECSO SWG6.1, F-Secure)
  • Smart Networks / 5G
    Alexandros Kaloxylos (5G IA’s Executive Director)
    Jan Lohstroh (Director General of the Artemis IA)



  • How to establish synergies between the horizontal partnerships?
  • What are emerging technical trends related to industrial AI application?
  • Where are clear synergies between partnerships?
  • What are future collaborative research areas?



  • Identification of synergies and collaborative research areas
  • Establishing a foundation to boost European global leadership in industrial AI
Alexandros Kaloxylos
Executive Director at 5G IA's
Alexey Kirichenko
David Bisset
Executive Director at euRobotics
Jan Lohstroh
Secretary General ARTEMIS Industry Association
Kimmo Rossi
Head of sector of the DG CONNECT at European Commission
Michael Malms
Technical Leader and the Chief Editor at ETP4HPC
Michela Milano
Head of the Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence ALMA-AI at University of Bologna
Natalie Samovich
Head of Research and Innovation programs at ENERCOUTIM
Reinhard Lafrenz
Sonja Zillner
Principal Expert at Siemens AG
Thomas Hahn
Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG
Presentation - David Bisset
Presentation - Michela Milano
Presentation - Thomas Hahn
Presentation - Michael Malms
Presentation - Natalie Samovich
Presentation - Reinhard Lafrenz
Presentation - Alexey Kirichenko
Presentation - Alexandros Kaloxylos
Presentation - Jan Lohstroh
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