Realizing the potential of Data and AI in Healthcare

December 2, 2021 - 14:30 - 16:00
Healthcare and Pharma sector
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Most healthcare organizations have adopted data and AI to benefit from its promises in accelerating digital transformation and improving operational efficiency. Although several initiatives have been taken to realize the potential of AI, there have been technical as well as non-technical challenges faced by the organizations.

These aspects need to be tackled to overcome the existing barriers in realizing AI in clinical practice enabling patient care improvement and aiding clinicians in a variety of medical domains. During this session, we bring together people from major European organizations that work in the healthcare domain to share their strategy and roadmap in realizing the potential of AI.

In this context, the BigMedilytics project has the ambition of transforming the European Healthcare Sector empowering efficiency and productivity in healthcare by employing Big data and AI. Challenges and lesson learned in realizing the implementation of AI will be shared by the BigMedilytics project coordinator.

Part I

Part II


Anja Barešić
AI4Health.Cro (EDIH candidate) coordinator at AI4Health.Cro, Ruđer Bošković Institute
Annika Eberstein
Secretary General ad Interim at COCIR
Georgio Mosis
at Philips
Gregor Cuzak
at HealthDay.si and ECHAlliance.com
Supriyo Chatterjea
Coordinator, BigMedilytics Senior ScientistData Science Department, Philips at BigMedilytics
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