Security, Trust and Privacy-preserving Technologies in the Challenging Times of Big Data and AI

October 16, 2019 - 11:00 - 12:30
Plenary Room
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The objective of this session is to introduce the direction the research community is taking to tackle the trust and security challenges that industry is experiencing in the time of significant changes introduced with big data and AI based analytics. The value of Data has become an evident component in the industrial value chain. Legacy systems and software have been collecting and processing data resulting from industrial processes, but many were not designed to share data across systems and across organisational structures. This session aims to look at the ethical, legal and technical challenges that are arising from this paradigm, the economic drivers of the evolution and what approaches are being adopted to address the new socio-technical playing field.


Richard Stevens (IDC)


The key challenges for 2025 and what areas the European Commission is expecting to promote to address these challenges (via web cast)

  • Jakub Boratyński (Head of Trust and Security Unit of DG CNECT)

How BlockChain is being used to ensure reliable and responsible security in critical applications

  • John Domingue (Professor, The Open University)

Contested meanings of trust and security in the making of digital ethics

  • Barbara Giovanelli (Policy Officer, EDPS)

Security in 5G networks, experiences from the Net2Vec project

  • Roberto Bifulco (Nec Labs)

Machine Learning implications in Security

  • Dr Michele Bezzi (Research Manager, SAP)

Roundtable based on questions for the panel:

  • What the are the main challenges for security?
  • Are there any game changing technologies on the horizon?
  • Is economic pressure or societal pressure that will bringing change?
  • Who are the winners and losers in the security paradigm?

Presentation of the session: Emmanouil Spanakis presentation

Barbara Giovanelli
EPDSSecurity and Ethics Officer
Jakub Boratyński
Head of Unit at Trust and Security
John Domingue
ProfessorOpen University
Michele Bezzi
Research Manager at SAP Security Research
Richard Stevens
Associate Vice President at IDC
Roberto Bifulco
Senior Researcher at NEC
Maintaining Trust and Privacy of Personal Data with Blockchains
Contested meanings of trust and security in the making of digital ethics
Net2Vec: Deep Learning for 5G Network Security
Machine Learning implications in Security
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