Big Data Value PPP networking sessions, The European big data ecosystem: investment and impact

November 22, 2017 - 16:30 - 18:00
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In this session, our distinguished Panel will discuss key strategies and scenarios to drive industrial impact and investment in the European Big Data Ecosystem. Next we will dive into the heart of data-driven innovation on the basis of a concrete usecase presented live on stage with data-market scale-up Dawex.

Following a new data centric business modeling approach based we will explore how Dawex creates value with big data. The session will conclude with a discussion of approaches for an effective EU Big Data marketplace to promote data-driven innovations generated in the PPP to a wide audience of Startups, SMEs and Investors. The session will be kicked off by global startup platform F6S and includes a perspective from the people behind the EU Innovation Radar.

Participants will be actively engaged through a moderated panel discussion, an interactive onstage interview and open discussion!


Data driven business models (DDBMs), Data Ecosystems and Value Chains, Data Market Scale-up, PPP Marketplaces.


  • Sonja Zillner (Siemens AG) BDVA: yes
  • Susanne Kührer (EIT DIgital) BDVA: yes
  • Bas Kotterink (TNO) BDVA: yes
  • Name Frank Berkers (TNO) BDVA: yes



  • Harald Schöning (Vice President ResearcH, Software AG)
  • Gabriella Cattaneo (Associate Director, IDC)
  • Anne Sophie Tailandier (Director, Teralab)
  • Fabrice Tocco (Co-founder, DAWEX)
  • Nuno Varandas (EU Coordinator, F6S)
  • Dimitrios Mavridis (Research Specialist, JRC/IPTS)



16:30 – 16:35 OPENING REMARKS

Dr. Sonja Zillner, Senior Key Expert, Siemens

16:35 – 17:00 SESSION I – Panel on Framework Conditions for a thriving European Data Market



Harald Schöning (Vice President Research, Software AG)

Gabriella Cattaneo (Associate Director, IDC)

Anne-Sophie Tailandier (Director, Teralab France)



Bas Kotterink, TNO

17:00 – 17:30 SESSION II: EU Public Private Marketplaces for Big Data Innovation


  • Nuno Varandas, EU Coordinator, F6S, London/Lisbon.

Nuno will present the experience of F6S, the largest global accelerator platform in the EU and the US, in attracting startups to EU R&D.

  • Dimitrios Mavridis, Researcher Specialist, JRC/IPTS, Sevilla.

Dimitrios brings insights from the influential EU Innovation Radar initiative. The Innovation Radar collects and analyses detailed data on EU R&D take-up.

17:30 – 18:00 SESSION III: Commercial Marketplaces – On stage interview of French Data Market Scale-up DAWEX

In this session we learn about commercial data-marketplaces and how startups can play a role. The interview is based on a modified version of the Business Canvas to better reflect the nature of Data-driven Innovation.


Fabrice Tocco (Co-founder, DAWEX)

Pierre Pleven (Consultant, Teralab)


Tjerk Timan


The following persons will organize the session:

Sonja Zillner studied mathematics and psychology and accomplished her PhD in computer science specializing on the topic of Semantics. She is a Senior Key Expert in the field of Business Analytics and Monitoring at Corporate Technology, Siemens AG, and Lead of the BDV SRIA Editing Team. Moreover, she is a visiting professor at the Technical University of Berlin and author of many publication and patents. Her research focus lies in the area of semantic technologies, big data, and data-driven innovation.

Susanne Kührer has an MBA in Intra- and Entrepreneurship and an MSc in Human Resources and has made a long career in management posts of various domains. She has been involved in the innovation ecosystem for many years, screening innovative ideas, supporting on business modelling and getting ideas into the market.
She serves also as a mentor for different accelerators and organisations. Being an expert in this field, she supports on behalf of EIT Digital the creation of the innovation ecosystem for the BDV PPP.

Bas Kotterink (M.Sc., Male) is senior scientist Digital Society at TNO Strategy & Policy. He brings 20 years research and programme management experience in the field of Innovation Management and ICT Policy on assignments with the United Nations and R&D institutes in France, Canada and the UK. At TNO he works on strategic ICT studies and projects for national and European clients. Data-Driven Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship are core themes in his work. He is a contributor to the influential OECD report “Data-driven innovation for growth and well-being” (2015).

Frank Berkers holds a master’s degree in Econometrics from Maastricht University. At TNO he is a senior scientist in the Strategic Business Analysis unit where he is responsible for business modelling and value network analysis. In this role, Frank contributed to over 500 projects covering the domains of the internet, IoT, Big Data, telecoms, agrifood, chemistry, mobility and logistics. His main interest is modelling strategic (investment) decisions & networked business models. Before joining TNO in 2008, Frank held positions at ABN AMRO as marketing/consumer intelligence analyst and at market research agency SKIM as a senior methodologist.

Anne-Sophie Taillandier
TeraLab Director at IMT
Gabriella Cattaneo
Associate Vice President European Government Consulting at IDC EMEA at IDC
Nuno Varandas
Head at F6S Innovation Team
Dimitrios Mavridis
Fabrice Tocco
Harald Schöning
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