Parallel Session on AI for Good

November 4, 2020 - 10:00 - 11:30
Focus Track 4 - New challenges ahead: Data, AI and the new Society
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This panel will explore the utilization of data and AI for the benefit of society in the context of the present COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion will explore the practical dimensions and challenges of finding a delicate balance between urgently implementing AI technologies in critical sectors such as healthcare, transport and logistic and manufacturing and maintaining the necessary levels of protection of human rights and corporate interests prescribed by the European regulatory and legislative framework.

Clara Neppel
Senior Director at IEEE
Gabriella Cattaneo
Associate Vice President European Government Consulting at IDC EMEA at IDC
Gash Bhullar
Chief Executive Officer / Chairman at European Factory Foundation (EFF)
Natalie Bertels
Senior Legal researcher at CiTiP- KU Leuven -IMEC
Nuria Oliver
Co-founder and Vicepresident; Chief Data Scientist at ELLIS - The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems and Data-Pop Alliance
Paul Lukowicz
Stefano Modafferi
Senior Researcher at University of Southampton
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