Non-legal aspects of data sharing for resource-constrained organisations

October 25, 2023 - 14:30 - 15:15
Room 4D
In person
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The mobility training session will focus on addressing the crucial aspect of data justice in data-driven innovation projects, ensuring that citizens receive the intended benefits and value from their data contributions. Participants will learn about the concept of Data Justice Plans, which serve as accountability mechanisms to safeguard the interests of data subjects and contributors throughout the data’s lifetime. These plans will be integrated into existing data governance structures alongside documentation like Data Management Plans, Data Ethics Canvas, and Data Protection Impact Assessments. By exploring this essential aspect of governance, the session aims to bridge the gap that often arises in projects and highlight the importance of returning value to data contributors, promoting fairness and transparency in data-driven innovation. During the session, participants will have the opportunity to develop their own Data Justice Plans, guided by experts in the field. Practical exercises and case studies from diverse user groups will be presented, showcasing how the concept can be applied in various contexts. The training will emphasize the significance of ensuring data subjects are not only protected but also benefit from their data contributions, fostering a data ecosystem where civil society plays an active role and gains value from their involvement in data-driven initiatives. This session will enable innovation and research entities collaborating with any organisation that is new to data governance or is too small to have a dedicated governance function to elevate their data governance practices, mitigate risks, build trust with data contributors and society, and foster public acceptance. This session is of particular interest to anyone working between SMEs and government data.  

Johanna Walker’s presentation here

Johanna Walker
AI and society at King’s College London Organisation
Gefion Thuermer
Doctorate Researcher at King’s College London Organisation
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