Metaverse enablers: moving towards virtual worlds (part 1)

October 25, 2023 - 14:30 - 16:00
Room 4F
In person
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The Metaverse and its expected beneficial impacts on almost all aspects of society are a hot topic of discussion in the research and industrial ecosystems since a while. The Metaverse concept itself entails a very broad set of enabling technologies and this session elaborates on a few of them, specifically virtual worlds and Extended Reality (XR) services.

This session is split in two Tracks: Track 1 focuses on what the three research projects funded by the EC under the SNS program Phase 1/Stream C “SNS experimental infrastructure” are working on wrt XR and other enabling technologies for the virtual worlds. Track 2 focuses on the challenges and opportunities of enabling technologies for the virtual worlds from the point of view of two SMEs and two European associations, AIOTI and BDVA. Both Tracks have the same structure, a few inspirational talks followed by a Panel where a dynamic and interactive discussion is triggered with the audience.

Track 1 – Virtual worlds: The EU industry and associations views (90 min):

Duration: 90 minutes

Structure: 5 x 12 min presentations followed by 30 min Panel.

  1. SME view – MATSUKO: Stefania Puzderova “Holographic presence: Revolutionizing Meetings in the 6G Era”
  2. SME view – VERSES: Philippe Sayegh “The future of governance in an autonomous age”
  3. Large Enterprise view – SIEMENS: Matthieu Worm “The industrial Metaverse, more real than real”
  4. Association view – AIOTI: Ovidiu Vermesan (Sintef), “How immersive services will impact the Edge IoT technologies”
  5. Association view – BDVA: Joaquín Salvachúa (UPM) “Telecommunication infrastructure for the virtual worlds”
  6. Panel with all previous speakers run by Valerio Frascolla

General information presentation here

Stefania Puzderova’s presentation here

VERSE’s presentation here

Joaquín Salvachúa presentation here

Valerio Frascolla
Director of Research and Innovation at Intel
Philippe Sayegh
Chief Adoption Officer at VERSES GLOBAL BV
Joaquín Salvachúa
Associate Professor at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM)
Ovidiu Vermesan
Chief Scientist at SINTEF
Stefania Puzderova
Business Operations Manager at MATSUKO Holographic Presence
Matthieu Worm
Senior principal key expert at Siemens
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