Manufacturing Trends in Automotive

November 22, 2022 - 14:00 - 15:30
Aplaus room
In person
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The automotive industry is at the center of gravity of many different and connected economy streams from, for example, steel, chemicals, and textiles to ICT, repair, and mobility services. Moreover, It Is facing substantial transformation changes connected with the implementation of the EU Green Deal. Large volumes of data produced during the manufacturing process as well as data collected during vehicles lifetime, represent an immense source of information for all the stakeholders involved in the ecosystem.

This session will bring on stage knowledgeable representatives from the automotive industry and research that will elaborate on their most promising results on data management and data processing to face the challenges of the manufacturing in the near future. Their ideas leverage and extend the Industry 4.0 principles with the focus on automotive industry needs.

The current trends in the second decade of the Industry 4.0 initiative will be highlighted and discussed, namely the massive deployment of AI and needs in well-structured and standardized data spaces. AI is used to achieve the new goals (e.g., energy efficiency, explainable AI for human-robot collaboration and integration, zero-error production). Data spaces should support the standardized digital platforms and represent efficient Machine Learning sources for the AI goals mentioned above.

The role of BDVA, IDSA, Catena-X on one side and CLAIRE and ELLIS on the other will be documented.


Presentations of the session:

Vladimir Marik, Davide Dalle Carbonare and Sergio Gusmeroli​ presentation

Jorge Posada and Oihana Otaegui presentation

Leos Dvorak presentation

Tilman Becker presentation

Vladimír Mařík and Pavel Burget presentation

Davide Dalle Carbonare
R&D Business Developer at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA
Sergio Gusmeroli
Research Coordinator at Politecnico di Milano
Vladimír Mařík
Engineering, Scientific Director at CIIRC, Czech Technical University
Ivan Zajačko
Associate professor and Deputy Head of Department at University of Zilina, Department of Automation and Production Systems
Jorge Posada
Scientific and Associate Director at Vicomtech
Leoš Dvořák
General Manager at VALEO
Becker Tilman
Director at RICAIP at CIIRC/CTU
Lukas Kousal
Expert manager of pressing process and automatisation at ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
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