Making data-driven policy management a reality across Europe

November 22, 2022 - 11:00 - 12:00
Ceremony room
Technology, Platforms, and impact
In person
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Technology providers and policymakers will join efforts in this EBDVF2022 session to showcase the Policy Cloud technologies advancing data-driven policy management across Europe. Three pilots will demonstrate how Policy Cloud improved their policymaking lifecycle and to ultimately benefit their local communities. The audience will be engaged in a lively discussion between service providers and policymakers from the field about matching existing needs with Policy Cloud technologies and identifying opportunities for future development and uptake.  

The Policy Cloud project harnessed the potential of digitization, big data and cloud technologies to improve the modelling, creation and implementation of public and business policy. Policy Cloud delivered a unique, integrated environment of curated datasets, and data management, manipulation, and analysis tools. The technologies delivered address the full lifecycle of policy management using the data analysis capabilities of the European Cloud Initiative. 

The Policy Cloud expertise has been practically demonstrated in three thematically distinct Pilot use cases run in diverse European cities, positively impacting both economic growth and the lives of the citizens concerned. This final Policy Cloud event will showcase how data-driven policymaking has now become a fact in the different public administrations and how this has impacted not only the policymaking lifecycle, but also their communities.  Speakers from within the project and external to the project will actively engage the audience to identify opportunities for future uptake and further development.   

Presentations of the session:

Panel presentation

Vrettos Moulos presentation

Samuele Baroni presentation

Javier Sancho presentation

Vega Rodrigálvarez Chamarro
Senior Programmer Analyst at Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA)
Marialetizia Mari
Samuele Baroni
Project Manager at Maggioli s.p.a.
Vrettos Moulos
Javier Sancho
Nikitas Sgouros
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