Leveraging the data sharing potential across an ever-extending energy data value chain

October 25, 2023 - 14:30 - 15:30
Room 4C
AI for public services
In person
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This session will present experiences from two European I&A research projects in the field of big data in the energy sector. In particular, the SYNERGY project will present its results on the creation of a big-data platform enabling the sharing of data, analytics and information between all participants in the value chain. The session will continue by   presenting  the challanges and opportunities of moving from a common big data platform to a data space for the electricity sector. Finally, the session will end with a presentation on possible future scenarios in federated data management between central cloud and edge within the electricity framework. 

SYNERGY presentation here

Fenareti Lampathaki’s presentation here

Moises Anton’s presentation here

Fenareti Lampathaki
Technical Director at Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Ltd
Ugo Stecchi
Senior Researcher / Project Manager at ETRA I+D
Moisés Antón García
Project Manager at ETRA I+D
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