Leveraging DLTs for new data economy: Recommendations to the European Union

November 22, 2022 - 17:00 - 18:00
Bravo room
Data, AI and the new society
In person
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The objectives of the session are:
– To present the potential of anti-rival digital goods in solving extractive practices of contemporary data economy
– To explore blockchain and other DLTs as tools to build more fair and sustainable data economy and present use cases of DLTs for good
– To validate and co-create together the policy recommendations for the EU in order to move towards a digital economy which serves the needs of society and the planet.

A key societal impact of digitalisation is its effect on our data economy and digital markets. This is because digitalisation has created a new resource class: anti-rival resources. While anti-rival remains largely understated in public discourse, new commons based initiatives and the harnessing of DLT for societal good are gaining ground. This grassroots development is happening in parallel with the Commission’s drive for implementing its digital strategy via e.g. DMA and DSA, and initiating future regulation for blockchain. At the same time the artificial scarcity remains an issue in digital markets, hindering the realisation of the full potential of digital goods and a functioning data economy.

In this session, we ask in what ways the development towards a more sustainable and equitable economy could be supported. As public governance plays a key role here, this session presents and formulates policy recommendations for the EU.

Presentation of the session:

Johannes Mikkonen, Anna Bjork and Atte Ojanen presentation

Miapetra Kumpula-Natri
MEP at European Parliament
Johannes Mikkonen
Policy Expert, Digital Governance  at Demos Helsinki
Atte Ojanen
Research Coordinator at Demos Helsinki
Anna Björk
Research Coordinator at Demos Helsinki
Joshua A. Davila
Blockchain Solutions Architect & Consultant at SettleMint
Marten Kaevats
National Digital Advisor at Govtect
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