Is there a single vision for Big Data and AI in Europe? (Workshop 2.1)

November 14, 2018 - 13:30 - 15:00
Room 62.02.024
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The Big Data Value PPP and the Big Data Value Association (industry-driven association representing the private part of the PPP) focus on setting up a strategy on Big Data that leads to a more competitive position of European companies. While the idea of a Single Market is behind most data-related policies, the reality in Europe is that we find not only different development speeds but sometimes different visions and priorities. This session will focus not only on the EU vision, but also on the National Strategies driven by Member States.

The main objective of this session will be sharing some of those strategies and initiatives working with National and Regional Data Ecosystems. This will enable us to understand synergies and differences and be able to define and implement a European strategy on top of the heterogeneity that the reality imposes. Policies like Digitizing European Industry make a clear reference to the need to capitalize efforts and investments made at National level through instruments like the Digital Innovation Hubs. This session will therefore provide additional insights for the upcoming topic of DIH in Big Data and is complementary to other activities of the European Big Data Value Forum, notably Workshop 1.3 “Shaping the European Big Data landscape: from i-Spaces and Centers of Excellence to Big Data Digital Innovation Hubs”.


  • Understanding data ecosystems at national level
  • Getting to know capacities in Member States, including infrastructure, potential DIHs, Centers of Excellence…
  • Building connections and synergies between countries, but also between Member States and the EU-based Big Data Value Public-Private-Partnership



  • General Framework (Nuria de Lama, Atos; Vice-Secretary General BDVA)
    • Introduction to the session
    • General overview of the European landscape of National Data Ecosystems
    • Short report on activities around Digital Innovation Hubs on Big Data and AI
  • Overview of National Data Ecosystems
    • Keynote: Flagship initiative “Data Market Austria”
      Dr Mihai Lupu (Research Studio Data Science)
    • Position statements and interactive panel
      • Mosnik Lisbeth (Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology)
      • Jeanette Nilsson (RISE, Sweden)
      • Daniel Sáez (PLANETIC, Spain)
      • Regine Gernert (Smart Data Forum, Germany)
      • Geraud Guilloud (LuxInnovation, Luxembourg and representative of the Ideal-IST network of National Contact Points for ICT)
      • Stafford Lloyd (UK National Contact Point for ICT and future and emerging technologies)
  • Open Debate
  • Conclusions and guidance on future actions
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