Improving Healthcare and Life Sciences with HPC

November 21, 2022 - 16:00 - 17:00
Dialog room
In person
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Modern healthcare professionals have more data at their fingertips than ever before. By giving access to much more memory and compute, high-performance computing (HPC) allows healthcare and life sciences (HLS) professionals to process this data in near-real time and generate insights that can transform patient outcomes. For instance, this digital revolution is having a dramatic impact on the pharma industry and the entire healthcare system. The implementation of machine learning, extreme scale computer simulations, and big data analytics in the drug design and development process offer an excellent opportunity to lower the risk of investment and reduce the time to patent and time to patient.

A public-private consortium supported by the EuroHPC-JU under grant agreement No 956137, LIGATE project aims to enhance the CADD technology of the drug discovery platform EXSCALATE. The proposed LIGATE solution enables to deliver the result of a drug design campaign with the highest speed along with the highest accuracy. This predictability, together with the full automation of the solution and the availability of the exascale system, will let run the full in silico drug discovery campaign in less than one day to respond promptly for example to worldwide pandemic crisis. The platform will also support European projects in repurposing drugs, natural products and nutraceuticals with therapeutic indications to answer high unmet medical needs like rare, metabolic, neurological and cancer diseases, and emerging ones as new non infective pandemics.

Since the evolution of HPC architectures is heading toward specialization and extreme heterogeneity, including future exascale architectures, the LIGATE solution bring some important breakthrough technology scale-up on code portability with the possibility to deploy the platform on any available type of architecture in order not to have a legacy in the hardware.

Presentations of the session:

Domenico Bonanni presentation

Carmine Talarico presentation (1)

Carmine Talarico presentation (2)


Gianluca Palermo
Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano
Domenico Bonanni
EXSCALATE Drug Discovery Platform Specialist at Dompé
Carmine Talarico
Discovery Platform Senior Specialist at Dompé farmaceutici S.p.A Organisation
Erik Lindahl
Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
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