Plenary panel: How a strong ecosystem for Data and AI contribute to the strategic resilience of the European economy?

November 21, 2022 - 12:05 - 12:45
Plenary room
In person
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Aligned with one of the priorities of the Czech Presidency, Strategic Resilience of the European Economy, this panel will discuss on the need and value of developing a strong ecosystem for Data and AI in Europe to support technological competitiveness, to support the green and digital transition, and to accelerate digitalisation of European Industry. Special focus will be given to the creation of an effective and fair data market, and to the scale up of Trustworthy AI adoption by European business. Panellists will be invited to address and discuss topics that will include the support for science, research, and innovation, the technology transfer from research to industry and how to scale it up, the support to Data and AI start-ups, the skills gap, and the need for supporting infrastructures.

Presentations of the session:

David Hurych presentation

Tereza Samanova presentation

Jan Hajič presentation (Question 1)

Jan Hajič presentation (Question 2)


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Thomas Hahn
Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG
Yvo Volman
Director at European Commission
Tereza Šamanová
Member of the Board and Executive Director, Coordinator at CzechInno
Jan Hajic
Professor at Charles University, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
David Hurych
Research Scientist and Senior Expert at VALEO
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