Healthcare (Parallel Session 2.4)

November 12, 2018 - 15:00 - 16:30
Room B3
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Overview of the European Healthcare Lighthouse initiative,BigMedilytics

Dr Supriyo Chatterjea (Philips)

Role of Big Data in Oncology/Prostate cancer

  • Prof. Dr Olof Akre (Karolinska Institute)
  • Dr Ralf Hoffmann (Philips)


Optimizing the care of kidney transplant patients using Big Data

  • Dr Wiebke Düttmann-Rehnolt (Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin)
  • Dr Roland Roller (DFKI)


Role of Big Data in Population Health

  • Prof. Dr Josep Redon (Incliva)
  • Marija Despenic (Philips)


GDPR, Big Data and Healthcare

  • Prof. Ricard Martínez (Incliva)

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A Healthy nation is a Wealthy nation! An improvement in health leads to economic growth through long-term gains in human and physical capital, which ultimately raises productivity and per capita GDP. However, the healthcare sector is highly cost-intensive and currently accounts for 10% of the EU’s GDP. In 2014 the EU-28’s total healthcare expenditure was €1.39 trillion. This is expected to increase to 30% by 2060. The increase in healthcare costs is primarily due to a rapidly ageing population. In fact, chronic diseases result in the loss of 3.4 million potential productive life years. This amounts to an annual loss of €115 billion for EU economies. These figures clearly indicate that current trends within the Healthcare sector are totally unsustainable. The BigMedilytics Healthcare Lighthouse project aims to demonstrate how the use of Big Data technologies can help disrupt the Healthcare sector so that the quality, cost and access to care can all be improved – simultaneously.

The project executes a total of 12 pilots covering three main themes: Population Health, Oncology and Industrialization of Healthcare. This talk will give an overview of some of the pilots being executed under the Population Health and Oncology themes. Clinical experts will describe the problems they face and why a Big Data approach is needed while technology specialists will provide an overview of the Big Data solutions being developed for the various pilots. To deal with the sensitivity of patient data, the session will also include a talk describing the impact of GDPR on the healthcare sector and steps needed to ensure the sector benefits from the power of Big Data analytics while preserving the privacy of individuals.

Ralf Hoffmann
Principal Scientist, Philips
Roland Roller
Researcher and Project Manager Senior ScientistData Science Department, Philips
Josep Redón
Principal investigator at INCLIVA
Marija Despenic
Scientist at Data Science Department at Philips
Olof Akre
Senior Consultant Urologist, Karolinska UniversityHospital Research Group Leader, Urology, Karolinska Institute
Ricard Martínez
Lecturer/Director of the Chair for Privacy and Digital Transformation at University of Valencia-Microsoft
Supriyo Chatterjea
Coordinator, BigMedilytics Senior ScientistData Science Department, Philips at BigMedilytics
Wiebke Düttmann-Rehnolt
M.D. at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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