November 22, 2017 - 14:15 - 16:00
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This session will demonstrate the potential of Big Data Technologies to radically improve the quality and accessibility of the healthcare system and discuss steps that need to be taken towards this goal.

To improve the productivity of the healthcare sector, it is necessary to reduce cost while maintaining or improving the quality of care provided.

The fastest, least costly and most effective way to achieve this, is to use the knowledge that is hiding within the already existing large amounts of generated medical data.

1. European Union Perspective on Management of Health Data

Miguel González-Sancho (EC – DG CNECT, Head of the Unit: eHealth, Well-Being and Aging)

2.Personalized Medicine: Clinical Challenges in Using Big and Small Genomic Data

Dr. Arne IJpma (Assistant Professor Clinical Bioinformatics at the Erasmus MC)

3.The promise of Artificial Intelligence for medical practice and the medical device industry

Nicolas Villain (Head of Medical Image Processing dpt. at Philips)

Arne Ijpma
Assistant Professor Clinical Bioinformatics at Erasmus MC
Nicolas Villain
Head of Medical Image Processing department at Philips
Miguel González Sancho
EC – DG CONNECT Head of the unit H3 eHealth, Well-being and Aging at European Commission
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