Parallel session on The good, the bad and the ugly: the reality of shaping data sharing policies and strategies

November 5, 2020 - 10:00 - 11:30
Focus Track 1 - European Data Spaces
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When it comes to shaping Europe´s digital future, European member states and regions struggle to design and implement data sharing policies and strategies.

It is the European Data Strategy, with its vision to make the EU a leader in a data-driven society, by creating a single market for data for its free flow within the EU and across sectors, which inspires the definition of local (national and regional) data sharing policies that provide the principles that guide present and future decisions that will impact, and hopefully benefit, the local ecosystems of businesses, researchers, citizens and public administrations.
It is only after policies have been decided, that strategy is formulated accordingly to achieve tangible goals and objectives.
In this workshop we will hear how a variety of european public administrations and key stakeholders working on strategic data for AI initiatives are going through the path of adopting and translating the European Data Strategy, a strategy for policy measures and investments to enable the data economy for the coming five years, into concrete local policies and tangible strategies.
Further description:
We will hear the effort different European regions and member states are going through, to implement the European Data Strategy. We will ask them about their effort to define policies and strategies that have direct impact on their ecosystems, tools they are leveraging within their ecosystems, and early examples of infrastructure, programmes and initiatives they are planning to put in place.
Andrew Collinge
Advisor at Smart Dubai
Cristina Oyón
Director of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability at SPRI - Basque Business Development Agency
Finbarr Murphy
Co-founder, CEO at Modular Data
Irene López de Vallejo
Director of Data & AI Ecosystems at BluSpecs
Jaana Sinipuro
Project Director at Sitra
Janjoost Jullens
Director at Blocklab
Tuomo Tuikka
Lead, Data Space solutions at VTT
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