Getting your Data-Driven Ideas Investor-Ready (Parallel Session 3.4)

November 12, 2018 - 17:00 - 18:30
Room B3
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  • Welcome & Introduction – Tjerk Timan (TNO)Panel Discussions:
  • Part 1: Investor-readiness: issues for data-driven businesses (insights from investors and startups)
  • Part 2: Addressing business modelling related issues for data driven businesses (Insights from a quantitative study of data-driven business opportunities; most important aspects of a data-driven business idea)
    • Eva Arh (capital 300)
    • Marta González (Inova Labs)
    • Sonja Zillner (Siemens)
    • Ryan Goodman (ODI)
    • Nuno Varandas (f6S)
  • Q&A


Start-ups/Scaleups and SMEs often struggle with the scoping of a convincing business opportunity when dealing with data in their business. In the wide range of data-driven opportunities, business ideas require a focused description to attract incubators, accelerators or investors. This leads to the question of how to describe the data-driven business in a convincing way? And what are Investors looking for when evaluating start-ups or SMEs to invest in? Is the business model the crucial point or are there other criteria equally or even more important?
This session will first identify the issues and hurdles that data-powered innovative businesses must face, focus on problems related to finding the right approach for data-driven business opportunities, and then propose and discuss with experts (accelerators, incubators, investors, corporates) and founders ways to overcome them.


Ryan Goodman
Startup Programme ManagerOpen Data Institute
Sonja Zillner
Principal Expert at Siemens AG
Tjerk Timan
lead Trustworthy AI, policy analyst at TNO
Nuno Varandas
Head at F6S Innovation Team
Eva Arh
Principal at capital300
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