Parallel session on Federating efforts to foster European Data-Driven Innovation (EUHubs4Data project sponsored session)

November 4, 2020 - 14:00 - 15:30
Focus Track 3 - Market uptake: Bringing AI and Data Sciences to Practice
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During this session, we will explore potential and existing models of collaboration/federation in cross-border initiatives that can be applied in a practical / realistic way to foster data driven innovation at European level, and make this innovation available and accessible to all actors in the European data landscape, in particular SMEs and Start-ups, as it is aimed in the project EUHubs4Data. Starting from a general view on needs, benefits and models of a federation, we will focus on specific and concrete aspects such as governance and structure, a federated catalogue / offer (including data sources, data governance, delivery of joint services and a common training programme), potential legal or organisational barriers, etc. We will also count with the experience of actors involved in existing and different types of federation and networks.

The expected outcome from this workshop aims to be a set of recommendations about the best options for each of the aspects considered, that could contribute, in the scope of EUHubs4Data project, to the establishment of federated network of data-driven experimentation facilities in Europe (with special focus on AI and Data service innovation development and experimentation), find synergies, share knowledge and assets, and let small and medium size actors on each region to benefit from latest European advances on those fields.

For more information on the EUHubs4Data project visit: https://euhubs4data.eu/

Ana García Robles
Secretary General at BDVA
Daniel Alonso Román
Senior Technical Lead Big Data and AI ecosystems at BDVA
David Bisset
Executive Director at euRobotics
Dominik Rohrmus
CTO at Labs Network Industrie 4.0
Ernst Stoeckl-Pukall
Head of the Digitization and Industry 4.0 at BMWi
Holger Hoos
Professor of Machine Learning at Leiden University
Maria Hajdu
Programme Officer at European Commission
Natalie Cernecka
Head of Business Development at TeraLab
Stefanie Lindstaedt
CEO at Know-Center GmbH
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