EVEREST SDK: High-Performance, Distributed, Reconfigurable and Heterogeneous Platforms for Extreme-Scale Data Analytics

November 23, 2022 - 9:00 - 10:00
Ceremony room
Technology, Platforms, and impact
In person
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The main objective of the special session is to introduce the EVEREST System Development Kit (SDK) to the Big Data community and the progress from the last year. EVEREST harnesses the computational power of future heterogeneous distributed systems for extreme-data applications, moving towards a more efficient big-data computing and knowledge extraction from vast amounts of data. The application of the EVEREST SDK will be illustrated through three use cases in the areas of air-quality monitoring, renewable energy prediction, and traffic simulation.

Presentations of the session:

Panel Introduction presentation

Christian Pilato presentation

Radim Cmar presentation

Antonella Galizia presentation

Fabien Brocheton presentation

Riccardo Cevasco presentation

Antonella Galizia
Researcher at IMATI-CNR and CIMA Foundation
Christian Pilato
Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano
Fabien Brocheton
Air quality monitoring at NUMTECH
Katerina Slaninova
Senior researcher at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center
Radim Cmar
Solution architect at SYGIC
Riccardo Cevasco
Responsible of Power and Gas Metering and Dispatching. at Duferco Energia SpA
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