European Data Space – Connecting Data Ecosystems (Workshop 3.1)

November 14, 2018 - 15:30 - 17:30
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  • Distinguish between Data Spaces, Data Platforms and more refined concepts like Data Markets.
  • Bring key persons and experts from industrial and academic initiatives providing data platforms together with stakeholders that will benefit from the establishment of a European Data Space (data producers, consumers) and interoperable platforms that can raise the value of its data.
  • Present an overview of existing conceptual and effective intra-organisational data platform setups and identify bottlenecks to their European-wide scaling and use.
  • Explore parallels to the set-up of data platforms that can handle personal data and identify risks, possibilities and legal terms for their potential contribution to a European Data Space.
  • Foster networking activities and identify possible collaborations for upcoming H2020 calls (e.g., ICT-13-2018-2019, DT-ICT-07-2018-2019).



  • Experts (Academia; Industry) in data management and sharing, data privacy, security and legal matters, data exchange and data markets, related standardization and application.
  • Data producers and consumers (large industry/SMEs); private users (personal data).
  • Data Space and Platform solution providers and representatives from related projects and initiatives.



  • Introduction (Simon Scerri, Fraunhofer; Tuomo Tuikka, VTT)
  • Part I: Invited Talks
    • Theme: “Challenges and Opportunities for an integrated European Data Ecosystem”
      • Requirements from the FP9 perspective: Horizon Europe, Digital Europe and AI (Kimmo Rossi, DG Connect)
      • Legal Requirements: Personal Data and Liability (Natalie Bertels, KU Leuven)
      • Enabling Trust in Data Marketplaces using Smart Contracts and Multi-Party Computation (Dumitru Roman, Sintef)
      • Non-personal data sharing in the Private Sector (Sergio Gusmeroli, Engineering S.p.A )
      • Data Spaces, Platforms and Markets: An overview of existing approaches
        • Veracity – Open Industry Platform (Torstein Kongshem, DNG GL)
        • Building a transversal platform for multiple vertical scenarios (Anys Boukli, Digital Partners)
        • A Reference Architecture for an International Data Space (Christoph Mertens, IDSA)
        • Boost 4.0 Project: A Data Space for Industry 4.0 (Óscar Lázaro, Innovalia)
        • SafeDEED Project:
          • Trust in Data Markets (Mihai Lupu, Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellchaft)
          • The MindSphere open cloud Platform (Thomas Hahn, Siemens)
  • Part II: Panel Discussion
    • Theme: “Exploring the gaps in the current European Data Landscape”
  • Conclusion (Simon Scerri, Fraunhofer; Tuomo Tuikka, VTT)
Anys Boukli
Founder and CEO at Digital Partners
Christoph Mertens
Head of Adoption at IDSA
Óscar Lázaro
Managing Director at Innovalia
Dumitru Roman
Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF
Kimmo Rossi
Head of sector of the DG CONNECT at European Commission
Natalie Bertels
Senior Legal researcher at CiTiP- KU Leuven -IMEC
Sergio Gusmeroli
Research Coordinator at Politecnico di Milano
Simon Scerri
Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer IAIS
Thomas Hahn
Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG
Tuomo Tuikka
Lead, Data Space solutions at VTT
Mihai Lupu
Studio Director, Studio Data Science at Research Studios
Torstein Kongshem
Lead of Development at DNV GL
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