EUHubs4Data: How to federate data resources to boost companies developing AI Solutions

December 1, 2021 - 09:00 - 10:00
Data-driven AI Solutions
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Experimentation with Data is a high value-added service that Data Driven Innovation Hubs provide to companies in their ecosystems. For that, computing infrastructure and datasets are needed, as well as Data Governance models and access to talent and skills. To boost data-driven innovation further, the EUHubs4Data project goes beyond offerings of any individual Data Driven Innovation Hub and federates resources of multiple hubs, thus bringing a highest value to companies developing innovative AI solutions. This federation of data Driven Innovation Hubs covers the interoperability model for data services and datasets, and develops a global catalogue, which ultimately contributes to the European Common Data Spaces.

The objective of the session is to demonstrate the value that EUHubs4Data is providing to the creation of European Common Data Spaces, by federating distributed resources into a single catalogue deployed locally through the Data Driven Innovation Hubs.

In this session, the EUHubs4Data approach for the federation of services and data will be presented and illustrated by implementation examples in two DIHs of the project and in three companies that are using these services and data to create innovative AI solutions.


Andrea Manzi
Data Solutions Manager at EGI Foundation
Andrei Costin
CEO/co-founder at Binare Oy
Guillermo Amat
Director of the Technical Project Support Area at ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
Kirill Blazhko
CEO at Tunnll
Levente Farkas
Cloud Solutions Architect at EGI Foundation
Mauro Manente
CTO at Latitudo 40
Natalie Cernecka
Head of Business Development at TeraLab
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