Enhancing the Power of Data in Industrial Environments by Zenithwings – Showcase of Ongoing R&D Projects

November 29, 2021 - 11:30 - 12:30
Technology, platforms and impact
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Objectives:This session aims to shed light on how data wields a highly differentiating power to significantly improve economic activities. During this session, the benefits of data in two important economic activities, namely industry and agriculture, will be explored, more specifically about the working conditions and the certification of agri-food products, respectively. Thus, on one hand, this session will explain how to approach the Industry 4.0 workplace holistically, but from the workers’ point of view, gathering and crossing quantitative and qualitative data, building a richer picture of the workers’ well-being, and enabling better predictive models. While, on the other hand, this session will delve on how farmers, producers and sellers in the food and beverage sector can tackle certification challenges when supplying high quality products to the market, without compromising the viability of their businesses.Session Description:

Zenithwings is a Portuguese high-tech company, focused on R&D activities, providing innovative solutions for various fields, such as Precision Farming and Industry 4.0. During this session, Zenithwings will present two of its R&D projects: • Operator – Digital Transformation in Industry with a Focus on the Operator 4.0: where data digitalization and AI technologies show potential to address Industry 4.0 human-centric, particularly how those tools support the next generation of tech-augmented Operators towards sustainable digital manufacturing environments. • SmartAgriChain: where blockchain technology will be used to modernise agri-food supply chain management for producers and vendors and ensure transparent traceability of the products in all their phases.


Carlos Oliveira
at SmartAgriChain
Duarte Folgado
at Operator - Digital Transformation in Industry with a Focus on the Operator 4.0
Eva Rodrigues
at SmartAgriChain
Nelma Figueiredo
Marketing & Communication Manager at Operator - Digital Transformation in Industry with a Focus on the Operator 4.0
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