Enabling Data economy for Local Communities

December 2, 2021 - 08:00 - 09:30
Smart Cities and Communities
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Just imagine the potential of connected and interoperable digital solutions for smart communities that can leverage the acceleration of digital and data economy.

The European way of digital transformation of cities and communities represents a clear focus on building interoperable digital solutions that create the conditions for re-using data, in particular looking at the economic value out of it and accelerating the uptake of AI at local level.

There is a clear commitment in the EU to move from siloed and unconnected initiatives towards interoperability and standardization of data models and towards open urban data platforms, which are expected to accelerate local economies. Nevertheless, according to recent studies, Data is still tremendously under-utilized and shared: only 7% of government departments’ data has been open for public access in most countries worldwide and today only 12% of city data is analyzed and used for decision making and management.

The session will present the perspectives and desiderata from relevant keynote speakers at three different perspectives: policy makers, local public administrations and the private sectors. These will be commented and discussed in the panel matching with the experience on the field from projects and initiatives at EU level focusing on data management/sharing and AI, aiming at the implementation of Public Data Spaces and considering the actual relevant regulations and the upcoming ones (e.g. AI Regulation).


Workshop Introduction (5min)


  • Roberto Di Bernardo – Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA

Keynote Speakers (30min):

  • Mr Eddie Hartog – Head of Unit at European Commission DG CNECT (C3)
  • Mr Paulo Calçada – Vice Chairman at OASC, CEO at Porto Digital
  • Nenad Šutanovac – Director of ICT Association of Slovenia and President of the council of Smart cities and communities cluster

Panel/Q&A Session (50 min)


  • Andreja Lampe – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
  • María de la Vega Rodrigálvarez Chamarro – ITAINNOVA


Data Driven Policy Cluster – the role of Cloud infrastructure for evidence-based policy making in Europe

  • Cecilia Cabello Valdés (FECYT Director of Operations)


TAILOR project (ICT-48) – Trustworthy AI in Public Sector

  •  Giuseppe Ciulla (Senior Researcher at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.)


ISTAT (Italian Institute for Statistics) – Data Stewardship from central to local PAs

  • Ms Monica Scannapieco


Slovenian Digital coalition – Smart communities and data economy

  • Mr Andrej Kotar


GAIA X Smart Cities and Communities working group – towards a European Public Data Space, how to support data and AI sustainability for Public Sector

  • Ulrich Ahle (FIWARE CEO)


Session conclusions (5min)

Andrej Kotar
at Slovenian Digital Coalition
Andreja Lampe
Director of projects, Cluster manager at ICT Innovation network cluster, GZS
Cecilia Cabello Valdés
Director STI Policies at Spanish Foundation for S&T (FECYT)
Eddy Hartog
Head of Unit at European Commission
Giuseppe Ciulla
Senior Researcher at Engineering
Monica Scannapieco
Nenad Šutanovac
at ICT Association of Slovenia
Paulo Calçada
CEO at Porto Digital
Roberto Di Bernardo
Head of Open Government R&D group at Engineering
Ulrich Meinolf Ahle
CEO at FIWARE Foundation
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