Empowering Smart Cities with Multimodal Extreme-Scale Data Analytics (MARVEL project)

October 26, 2023 - 10:15 - 11:45
Room 4F
AI for public services
In person
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This workshop, organised by the EU-funded MARVEL project, holds a pivotal role as part of the project’s final event. It aims to unveil the accomplishments of the MARVEL project achieved after three years of continuous development. The goal is to showcase the MARVEL framework through ten real-life use cases in the smart cities of Trento, Malta, and Novi Sad demonstrating their significant impact on the evolution of future smart cities. The MARVEL use cases tackle critical challenges including city monitoring, road traffic management, crowd monitoring, and security.

The MARVEL project’s final event will showcase its mission, objectives, and accomplishments. Attendees will explore the groundbreaking exploits, innovative solutions, and potential impact of MARVEL on smart cities. The event will also cover scientific and technical achievements, offer a live platform demonstration, and feature smart city test cases in Malta and Trento. The event concludes with an interactive Q&A session with project experts.

Format of the session

  • MARVEL Overview (Prof. Sotiris Ioannidis, FORTH)
  • Unleashing MARVEL: Pioneering Exploits, Innovations and potential Impact (Vivian Kiousi,Netcompany-Intrasoft)
  • Spotlights on scientific and technical achievements of the MARVEL project (Dr. Nikola Simic,University of Novi Sad]
  • MARVEL in Practice vol. 1: Smart City Test Cases in Malta (Prof. Adrian Muscat, Greenroads Ltd)
  • MARVEL in Practice vol. 2: Smart City Test Cases in Trento (Thomas Festi, Municipality of Trento)
  • MARVEL in Action: Live Platform Demonstration (Tassos Kanellos, ITML & Stella Markopoulou, ZELUS)
  • Q&A (Despina Kopanaki, FORTH)

Sessions presentation here

Despina Kopanaki
Project Manager at FORTH
Stella Markopoulou
Senior Software Engineer at ZELUS
Vivian Kiousi
Senior Innovation Manager of the Research and Innovation Development Department at INTRASOFT International SA
Sotiris Ioannidis
Professor at FORTH
Nikola Simić
Postdoctoral reseacher at Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad
Tassos Kanellos
Technical Project Manager at ITML
Adrian Muscat
Chief of R&D at Greenroads Ltd
Thomas Festi
Project Manager at Comune di Trento (Municipality of Trento)
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