Edge Computing – the convergence point in the human-cloud continuum framework

December 1, 2021 - 09:00 - 10:00
Industrial and Trustworthy AI
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Today, it is estimated that 80% of IoT operations are managed in the Cloud, and 20% on the Edge level. Within the next 5 years, this ratio will be turned upside down with just 20% on the Cloud and 80% on the Edge level. This will bring enormous savings on the costs, as well as improving the reliability, bandwidth, security, privacy, sustainability, and realtime reaction and decision-making of IoT devices. Edge Computing can solve many of the challenges facing Big Data Analytics, allowing for real-time decision making, and reducing risks and latency connected with sending device data to the Cloud.

The Edge Computing paradigm is a unique opportunity to foster Europe’s strategic autonomy, by investing in data processing and designing and implementing safe and complex systems, consistent with the European values of data privacy and security.

This session will explore the key ingredients to ensuring that Europe takes a lead in Edge Computing in the next decade, and the current and planned activities to ensure this, by taking advantage of the shift to the Edge and convergence between IoT, Cloud AI and 5G, as well as other enabling technologies.

The NGIoT initiative is a €42 m effort bringing together 6 RIA projects and EU-IoT. Our project is working at the heart of this, combining the insights from research projects and experts into a unified roadmap. The session will feature highlights from this initiative, coordinated by EU-IoT.



10:00 – Welcome Towards a Vibrant European NG IoT ecosystem

    • Monique Calisiti, EU-IoT


10:10 Dancing on the edge Releasing new value from data on the edge

    • Christian Winkler, Siemens
    • Federico Facca, H-Cloud
    • Mirko Presser, Aarhus University (TBC)
    • Moderator: Tanya Suárez, EU-IoT


10:45 Joining the NGIoT Approaches and Open Calls: ASSIST-IoT and  IoT NGIN

    • Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda, UPV
    • Dimitrios Skias, Intrasoft


10:55 Close

    • Tanya Suárez, EU-IoT
Artemis Voulkidis
Open Calls Coordinator - IoT NGIN project at Synelixis
Christian Winkler
Senior Principal Expert IoT, Corporate Technology, Siemens AG at Siemens AG
Federico Facca
CTO at Martel Innovate
Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda
Resercher at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Mirko Presser
Associate Professor at Aarhus University
Monique Calisti
President at Digital for planet
Tanya Suárez
at Bluspecs
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