Do we trust AI applications? A cross-sectional challenge in the European Digital Transformation

December 1, 2021 - 12:30 - 14:00
Industrial and Trustworthy AI
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AI applications are becoming the central drive of innovation, pervading every aspect of industry. On the other hand, they raise legal and ethical challenges related to their trustworthiness. Do we trust AI applications? How do we ensure the development of a trustworthy AI system? Does the European digital strategy provide a framework for developing AI applications compliant to legal and ethical guidelines?

This session will contribute to the aim of the Industrial and Trustworthy AI track to address cross-sectionally the main challenges related to applied AI systems and the trust of such systems. Representatives from European industries, universities and organizations will discuss and tackle the subject from different perspectives opening new scenarios for a future inter-operability.

Arnold Smeulders
professor of AI, board member of ADRA, envoy of ELLIS at University of Amsterdam
Blaz Fortuna
at Qlector.com
Marcello Ienca
at ETH Zurich
Milan Petkovic
Head AI Data Science & Digital Twin at Philips
Francesca Manni
AI Scientist at Philips
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