Digital Transformation by Means of Big Data, Marketplaces and Data Economy

November 29, 2021 - 13:00 - 14:00
Industrial and Trustworthy AI
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Digital Transformation is here and today, it is happening too fast that societies are not prepared for this fast transformation, in times when the new fuel is data, marketplaces for bringing value to data assets are trendy and data economy models are still under development yet many design aspects for Digital Transformation needs to be defined. In this session we will hear experiences from different experiences about what is happening in Europe to Support Digital Transformation.

SMEs and Entrepreneurs are facing the biggest challenge and play in disadvantage in comparison with large industries and corporates who traditionally dominate the large data markets, However Digital transformation is an opportunity for new ideas, disruptive models and only SME sand Entrepreneurs are faster in adopt and adapt new business models in relation how this happen in large industries. In this session we will focus on providing tools for those SME and Entrepreneurs.

This session is in the format of Expert’s Panel where four presenters, each one addressing different perspectives on the evolution of Digital Transformation, will be sharing their experiences, the challenges that are being addressed and the ways solutions are emerging, from Big Data Platforms to Marketplaces and New business models to the role BigData/AI/IoT is having in this transformation:

  Welcome and Opening Words

  • Achille Zappa – Session Chair (Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics) Ireland, IE.


Introduction and state of Play on Data Platforms in Europe

  • Martin Serrano  – Panellist (Insight) Galway, IE

A brief introduction to understand the current situation and the demand side about Data Platforms, Data Spaces and Data Marketplaces. Martin works as lead research scientist and principal investigator on Big Data Solutions Internet of Things, Stream Processing, Security and Intelligent Systems at Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, he will provide the current state of play for Data Spaces and Data Marketplaces and introduce best practices that can be useful for SMEs and Entrepreneurs in their early stage designing/developing data solutions.


Contextualizing on Data Platforms Needs and Requirements in Europe

  • Marcio Mateus  – Panellist (UNP) Lisbon, PT

A short introduction and Context on Data Marketplace/Platforms needs and contextualising the demand side for data assets as offerings that can be collect, access and process using backplane technologies that enable additional data as a service for multiple marketplaces, Marcio will briefly show how a marketplace can get benefits form the support technologies and backplane services that may not be in first instance part of the marketplace.


Experiences on providing Data Platforms and Marketplaces Support

  • Ivan Martinez – Panellist (ATOS) Spain, ES

A short talk/presentation with technical overview bout the available i3-Market tools and onboarding process, Ivan works at ATOS Spain and has extensive experience in Distributed Systems development and Integration, he will provide an overview of the i3-MARKET platform’s quick deployment and implementation, software components deployed in the form of backplane tools, and most important the available APIs for moving quickly to SDKs solution to interact and use the system using a well-known software wool showing the running parts.


Trustworthiness Perspectives to Secure Data Platforms in a competitive Single Digital Market

  • Alessandro Amicone – Panellist (GFT) Milan, IT

A short talk/presentation about Data Platform security and Privacy by design and the different perspectives that are present in Data Spaces and Data Platforms that aim to have trustworthy elements. Alessandro will highlight innovative and trendy solutions for Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) and verifiable credentials used by identity management and Smart Wallets. He will provide the current development and provide some samples.


Question & Answer Session

  • Martin Serrano – Moderator (Insight) Galway, IE


Take away and Closing Words

  • Achille Zappa – Session Chair (Insight) Galway, IE


Achille Zappa
Project Manager i3-Market Project at Insight Centre – University of Galway – DSI
Alessandro Amicone
Project Manager at GFT Italy
Iván Martínez
Senior Researcher at Atos Spain
Márcio Mateus
at UNPARALLEL Innovation, KDA
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