Data, Mobility and Public Transport, BDVA Workshops

November 23, 2017 - 09:00 - 10:30
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In recent decades, demographic growth, urban sprawl, increasing road congestion, and the desire to reduce environmental pollution have been responsible for the emergence of new sustainable urban policies in mobility. The public authorities play a significant role in this, giving impetus to sustainable urban practices which aim to increase the use of sustainable modes of transport such as public transport, walking, cycling, bike-sharing, car-sharing and car-pooling. Within this context, based on the development of smart technologies and the advent of new observation capabilities, massive urban datasets are collected by a variety of urban sensors (e.g. smartphones, Automatic Fare Collection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth records, geo-tagged posts on social networks, etc.). Analysis of such data can greatly benefit mobility studies and help to build decision-making tools for analytical, forecasting and display purposes. One of the main challenges of the “city of tomorrow” is the ability to achieve real-time control of mobility systems in order to optimize the city operation, better meet future needs through improved forecasting and better match the supply of mobility services to citizen demands.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts, recent studies in the field of data science and urban mobility. In particular, one of the main problematic to be addressed by this workshop is how to leverage Data Science for a better knowledge of the mobility user / customer needs, objectify the use and maintenance of assets, provide keys for decision-making support for operators, help for providing targeted and highly customized services.

Fully detailed agenda

Data Science, Mobility, Public Transport, new usages, sharing economy, city of tomorrow.


  • Latifa Oukhellou (IFSTTAR)
  • Patrice Aknin (IRT SystemX), BDVA: Associate Member
  • Jakob Puchinger (IRT SystemX), BDVA: Associate Member



Talk – Widening AI: Automated End-to-End Machine Learning in Transport

Luis Moreira Matias (Ph.D, NEC Lab. Europe)

Talk – How data science may improve mobility experiences?

Maguelonne Chandesris (Resp. of Data Mobility and Territories, SNCF Group)

Talk – How AutoMat, the Vehicle Big Data Marketplace, Improves Road Quality by enhancing the safety of highways for Public Authorities

Heike Weiss (Global Product Director Core Map, Here Technologies)

Talk – Applications and Challenges of Smartphone-based Mobility Data Acquisition

Peter Widhalm (Data Scientist, AIT)

Talk – The challenge of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the use of big data

Jean-Charles Pandazis (Head of Dep Clean and Urban Mobility, ERTICO-ITS Eu)

Heike Weiss
Jean-Charles Pandazis
Luis Moreira Matias
Maguelonne Chandesris
Peter Widhalm
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