Data-driven incubators (EUH4D)

November 22, 2022 - 16:00 - 17:00
Bravo room
Technology, Platforms, and impact
In person
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EUH4D, Reach, i4Trust and Media Futures projects started in 2020, with the common global goal of, from different perspectives, breaking “data silos” and stimulating sharing, re-using and trading of data assets, and promoting new business opportunities for SMEs as part of the Common European Data Space. After 2 years of hard work, and facing the last phase of their lifetime, it is a perfect time for the 4 projects to: (i) reflect about their achievements and lessons learnt in this period, and (ii) think of the future, considering the after-project phase and exploring possible collaborations among the projects to support their respective sustainability strategies

 Structure of the session:

  • Introduction (Daniel Alonso, 5 min)
  • Some words from the EC (Kimmo Rossi,5 min)
  • Initial presentation from each project, focused on (all, 15 min)
  • General info, objectives and progress
  • Outputs and main achievements
  • Lessons learned and success stories
  • Discussion panel, where to explore (all, 30 min)
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Main challenges for the future
  • Potential collaborations
  • Conclusions and next steps (Daniel Alonso, 5 min)

Presentations of the session:

European Data Incubators intro (Daniel Alonso, Kimmo Rossi, Susana Garayoa, Juanjo Hierro and Gerrit Rosam)

Susana Garayoa presentation

Gerrit Rosam presentation

Juanjo Hierro presentation

Daniel Alonso Román
Senior Technical Lead Big Data and AI ecosystems at BDVA
Juanjo Hierro
at FIWARE Foundation
Kimmo Rossi
Head of sector of the DG CONNECT at European Commission
Gerrit Rosam 
Project Manager and Business Developer at Leibniz University Hannover
Susana Garayoa
Leading the European Communication Team at Zabala
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