Data and Computing Skills for Digital Science and Society, BDVA Workshops

November 23, 2017 - 11:00 - 12:30
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The Digital Transformation of the society has an impact on the skills required by the future workforce. The breakthroughs in technologies (Big Data, Cloud, HPC) are having a strong influence in such skills. There’s the evidence that two wide competence areas need to be substantially improved: data literacy and intensive (or parallel) computing. These two aspects bring with them foundations in Maths, Stats and Computers Science that are not always clear to trainers, scholars and educators at various level of education system (from K12 till HEI). Moreover, what were before two different and sensibly isolated environments (Business and Science) are now more interrelated than never: people discoveries, algorithms and services are flowing quickly from the eScience into eBusiness and viceversa. Some attempts to capture these changes and trends are happening: JRC with DigComp and Entrecomp (for Digital literacy and Entrepreneurship literacy), EDISON (for Data literacy), eCF (for ICT literacy): all focus on the attempt to understand the possible evolution and the consolidation of commons to quicken the adoption by the target communities.

This session aims at opening a concrete and actionable debate about the emergence of core digital competences for Science, Business, and, eventually the Society.
Experts and representatives from the Big Data and HPC Communities as well as from eScience will exploit the EBDF to start a multilateral dialogue in order to identify common baseline for a cooperative work. During the Round Table audience will be solicited to give contributions and share ideas, raise questions that the involved experts will help to clarify.

As output of the session an actionable plan, with shared research actions will be proposed for buy-in by the various participants.

Big Data, HPC, Data Science, Training and Education paths, Competence Frameworks (EDSF, eCF, DigComp, EntreComp).


  • Andrea Manieri (Engineering Ing. Inf. SpA) BDVA: TF9 – Skills
  • Yuri Demchenko (Universitat van Amsterdam)



  • Jutta Breyer, Managing Director, eCF
  • Francois Bodin, Researcher, IRISA/ExDCI project
  • Paul Czech, Researcher, Graz University /Big Data Network
  • Alexander Microyannidis, Researcher, Open University / EDSA project
  • Ernestina Menasalvas, Professor, UPM/ BDVe project
  • Pieter Van Gorp, Assistant Professor, TUe/EIT Digital



11:00 – 12.30’ Data and Computing Skills for Digital Science and Society

20’ Keynote speaker: “The digital skills challenge and the European e-Competence Framework” Jutta Breyer/eCF

10’ Invited Speaker: “Training in HPC and its necessary evolutions” Francois Bodin/EXDCI project

10’ Invited Speaker: Exploiting Edison Data Science Framework Dr. Yuri Demchenko/UvA

40’ Round Table and Dialogue with audience – Chair by Andrea Manieri, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa.

Panelists: Paul Czech (Big Data Network), Alexander Mikroyannidis(EDSA Project), Ernestina Menasalvas (UPM/BDVe project) Jutta Breyer, Francois Bodin, Yuri Demchenko

10’ Wrap-up and call-to-action

Ernestina Menasalvas
Profesor at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM)
Pieter Van Gorp
Associate Professor at Information Systems Eindhoven University of Technology.
Alexander Microyannidis
Francois Bodin
Jutta Breyer
Paul Czech
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