The crucial role of data, data sharing and data-driven technologies in pandemics resilience

November 21, 2022 - 17:00 - 18:00
Ceremony room
New technical paradigms and challenges
In person
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The session will highlight the importance of quality and easily accessible data, their sharing, and relevant data-driven technologies for increased pandemic resilience in all phases of pandemics management (preparedness, detection and response). For such a purpose, data may originate from manufacturing and supply chain domains, from clinical domains, from the pharmaceutical industry, from first responders and national planners or governmental authorities, etc. Many efforts have been invested to build domain specific data spaces of industrial, proprietary, closed but also open data, however the cross-domain availability and usage of those in resilience and pandemics management contexts are yet to come.

EC has introduced the Health Data Space for aggregation and sharing of clinical research and trials data, however a gap that has been identified is the use and accessibility of these data for pandemics management and resilience enhancement of public health safety structures and processes.  The latter domain requires easy and interoperable accessibility to a wide diversity of data in situ and/or collected in batches before and during the emergence of a pathogen, not only by public administrations at national and European level but also by the private industry who are the forerunners in quickly providing innovative data-driven solutions to predict, detect, as well as respond to the impact of a potential pandemic.

This will further necessitate the full implementation of relevant governance models and data sharing policies, that may differentiate from the ones defined in normal operational procedures, when faced with efficient detection and management of a pandemic.

You can find out more about this session’s projects here:

H2020 STAMINA Project: https://stamina-project.eu/

H2020 Eur3ka Project: https://www.eur3ka.eu/

H2020 COVID-X Project: https://www.covid-x.eu/

Presentation of the session: Sofia Tsekeridou presentation

Óscar Lázaro
Managing Director at Innovalia
Ljiljana Stojanovic
Head of Research Group "Smart Factory Systems" at Fraunhofer IOSB
Sofia Tsekeridou
Senior Research and Innovation Manager at Netcompany - Intrasoft
Katrina Petersen
Research Manager at Trilateral Research Organisation
Anil Turkmayali
Senior Project Manager at IDSA Association
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