How to make AI Factory’s the enabler of European competitiveness

October 3, 2024 - 14:00 - 15:30
Room Gold
Generative AI and Foundation models
Convergence HPC- Big Data / AI
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The session will focus on the initiative AI Factory in the bigger AI package. How the HPC infrastructure and the ecosystem in member states can use the existing investments in infrastructure and projects to support Startups and SME to use AI and get support from HPC community. Connecting initiative on national and European level to enable innovation and strengthen competitiveness by sharing experience and expertise. 

The Commission launched the AI Innovation Package in January 2024 to support European startups and SMEs in the development of trustworthy AI.  

The amended EuroHPC Regulation, so called the “AI Factories Act”, will build open AI ecosystems formed around EuroHPC supercomputing facilities (hosting entities). The Act will bring together the necessary resources around these supercomputers – namely computing power, data and talent, to offer a wide and exhaustive range of services to AI startups and researchers needed for the development of European generative AI models and applications. 

AI Factories in each Member State will be connected to those of other Member States and to other relevant AI initiatives, such as Testing and Experimentation Facilities and the Digital Innovation Hubs, thus creating a closely interconnected AI ecosystem across the whole of the EU. 

Jeanette Nilsson
AI Ecosystem Driver at Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE)
Maria S. Perez
Professor at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM)
Robert Lovas
Vice Director at SZTAKI (Institute for Computer Science and Control)
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