Connecting Large and Small Companies around Data and AI

October 15, 2019 - 11:00 - 12:30
Nautica Room
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Innovation is changing; AI and Data play an increasingly important role in the future of the economy, big corporates are waking up to the fact that startups, especially digital and tech businesses, are disrupting whole industries from the bottom up. Forward looking corporates see startups not as a threat, but as potential partners to build sustainable businesses that generate economic, social and environmental impact. Relevant speakers representing projects and organizations will present their experience dealing with AI and Data as a glue connecting Large Companies and startups.


The session aims to facilitate the discussion on why startups and large companies bring each other immense opportunities through collaborations that, if harnessed correctly, create win–win situations for both. The session ambition is to provide an overview of the below topics and more particularly:

  • AI and Data as enablers of the collaboration between Startups/SMEs and Large Companies: partnering with a corporate can enable a start-up to exploit underutilized corporate assets such as data that would otherwise not be accessible and create new business opportunities. Startups and Corporates in the Retail and Finance Market presents their experiences and best practices on such topics.
  • How we can help both parties in establishing a fruitful collaboration: EIT Digital will bring his experience in supporting the connection among the SMEs/Startups and the Lage Companies through its acceleration program (access to market – access to finance)
  • Data Pitch will introduce is Toolkit that guides the users (both small and large companies) through the question – “What are the critical things to consider when sharing and reusing data for defined innovative purposes?




  • Ryan Goodman (ODI)



  • Elena Simperl (Professor, University of Southampton)
  • Samuli Silanto (Business Developer, EIT Digital)
  • Elisa Tassoni (Business Developer, U-Hopper)
  • Antonio J. Jara (CEO, HOPU)
  • Cinzia Rubattino (International Research Project Manager, GFT)
Antonio J.Jara
Cinzia Rubattino
Senior Researcher at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA
Elena Simperl
Professor of computer science at King's College London
Elisa Tassoni
Ryan Goodman
Startup Programme ManagerOpen Data Institute
Samuli Silanto
Business DeveloperEIT Digital
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